How To Install PS3 HEN 4.88 Easy

This is an easy and safe guide to install PS3 HEN 4.88 for all models. You don’t have to know anything about coding or anything. Actually I had no idea how to use a PS3 when I tried these easy steps. All I needed was an internet, an flash drive and a PS3. Now lets install HEN 4.88 for PS3.

Disclaimer: This guide is written for educational or experimental uses only. We do not support or tolerate pirating. In any unwanted situation, all responsibility belongs to you.

Sony always aim their systems to be secure and fast by keeping the operating system closed source. This is what makes them successful today. But sometimes we want to stretch our limits. For that reason, we may want to install Hybrid Firmware to experiment what this game monster has more to offer.

What You Will Need

• At least 1 GB of flash drive. It should be FAT32 Format.
Download here PS3 4.88 HEN

How To Install PS3 HEN 4.88 Easy


Extract the rar. Copy the PS3 folder to your flash drive. After the process is complete, take off the flash drive and plug it to the PS3. We advice to plug it on the second USB Port from the left.


Come to the video section to see if your flashdisk is read by the PS3.
Now come to system settings. Look at the system information. If it is between version 4.84 and 4.88 (4.84 and 4.88 included) you can install HFW. By the way, keep your internet connection open on the PS3.
Come to the Date and Time settings, press “set from the internet”.
Now open system update and update from storage device.
You should see this screen. 4.88.1 update screen
(Note: If it doesn’t install, open your PS3 system on safe mode.) Press Yes.


Go down the user agreement,
go right and press accept
and then press start (you don’t have to tick “close the system after update”).
Note: You shouldn’t have any errors in the installment.


After your setup is complete and your PS3 opens up again
go to your internet browser.
Press triangle go to tools press delete cookies, and then
Press triangle go to tools delete search history, and again
Press triangle go to tools delete cache, and finally
Press triangle go to tools delete authentication information.
Keep your javascript on and confirm closing the browser off.


Now press start, type and press start.
Go to the top left of the screen where there is ps3hen. Then press HEN installer/enabler.
Now press overwrite and save.
Press select to add to bookmarks now leave the browser.


Now open the browser back again,
Press select and open the page we have bookmarked.
Press overwrite and save again. now press initialize HEN installer on the browser.
After you see “HEN installer initialized successfully” press install HEN below. It will install HEN automatically. Wait for the installation to complete.
Now close the PS3 system and reopen it. If you see the HEN logo you have successfully installed HEN. Congratulations


Installing Hybrid Firmware can make your PS3 more entertaining. You can install multiman, play PS1, PS2 or PSP games and so on. But you have to enable HEN every time you open the system (you can do this offline).
I recommend you to not go online to prevent ban. But if you do, don’t use your main PSN.

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