Sony’s legendary PlayStation 2 has been turned into a handheld console

PlayStation 2 was transformed into a portable handheld console after some changes.

PlayStation 2, which is one of the best in the console world, is still on the agenda even though it has been 21 years since its release. PS2, which holds the title of the best-selling game console of all time with 155 million sales, is still preferred all over the world, despite the release of new generation consoles.

At this point, GingerOfOz, which stands out with its mods for game consoles, has made some changes on PlayStation 2. At the end of all these changes, the PS2 was fit into a portable handheld console.

PlayStation 2 turned into a portable handheld console

GingerOfOz, which previously made game consoles such as Nintendo Wii portable, named its new project PS2 Eclipse. Although the PS2 Eclipse resembles the PS Vita console that Sony has released before, it has serious differences in its structure.

GingerOfOz, who managed to shrink the original PS2 motherboard for this project, also specially designed the outer case of the console in a 3D printer. In addition, GingerOfOz, which uses the keys of the PS Vita console and analogs of the Nintendo Switch console, used a 5-inch panel with a resolution of 480p on the screen side.

At the same time, GingerOfOz, which uses two batteries that will easily run the console for 2-3 hours, did not neglect options such as speaker and headphone jack. However, some problems arose as the console was modded.

The PS2 Eclipse console, which runs the games from a USB stick, had problems such as increased loading times, as well as various stuttering and stuttering. In addition, the Nintendo Switch analogs used on the console did not work in some games or could not give the desired performance.

PS2 Eclipse, which is generally successful and plays most games easily, seems to be able to solve various problems such as freezing and analogues not working with future software updates. GingerOfOz, stating that he has no intention of selling it as in his previous projects, states that such console projects are also very tiring.

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