Free Rider (Explicit)

verse 1:
i wanna be rich
money is what i need to kiss the best lips
but i never take a step it’s the same ol’ sh..
damn it pigs
they trying to lower me down but i’ll
never give up till i get the whole amount of the money
i ain’t to a cut, for a one night slut
i ain’t stupid to fly, i’ll survive without smoking a blunt
all these hoes are jealous so they don’t talk with other fellas
i don’t give a fuck going crazy to a lady looking melon
and the realest enemies are the ones who are looking nearest
fuck this shit i’ll be going crazy when i’m rapping on my acapellas
i set this clearest
fear this when i start making a day list on my lame fists
start gaining weight give power to your babe wrists
body making i’ll be waiting waking to be painless
proofing from them hits, girly shaking them hips
i want my night to sparkle when i’m touching them tits

verse 2:

i’ll be the kid on your street but i’m a glorious whiz
i ain’t fat but i have rhymes like notorious B.I.G
making all these tracks lyrics written with millennium spirit
you don’t have to like me but respect is your duty, period
now let’s go, Keegan rolls alone, ready to hit a goal
all these algometric flow is just a part of the show
posing your hoe like a stone giving her a job for her to blow
calling out bitches and they’re riches cause the case is never closed
cooling out my finger cause it’s triggering an enourmous shout
when i’m angry it hit the block, everybody life between my mouth
talking out loud screaming you ouch better stay in this couch
this knockout round hitting you hard, you’ll be watching the clouds
combination of this secret divide the words into sequence
mix the song in special frequence, it’ll give a little bit of treatment
this is why i wasn’t heard recently with so many other reasons
seek me as a genius i’m the best in this fucking region

verse 3:

they ask me if i’m fine i just say i’m alive
and i see everybody wanna get eye to eye
you got a trouble say to my face cause if i break your neck
you gotta give a check to the hospital
your time is over , and now i give the orders
if you don’t do what i say then i have to fold ya
hold your pulse and then pose your hoe
no control in this composing author
i know you know that, we are ahead of this century
Metaje and Keeg are creating a big assembly
a big trouble we are for you to be facing
you have no chance we are pilot Schumacher racing, placed it
bring it on bring it on catch me till the dawn
i blast my revolver and all ammo to the fall
place your bets, lets see who’s cards is strong
we always hit a royal flush, i left you like you’re new born

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