Hit ‘Em, Hit ‘Em ft. Atahan

OK, whats your bet
I don’t take no fucking threats
What you gonna do now
When Millennium comes to your town

hello. do you wanna know me? bitch get a job or come and blow me
do you still think youre getting lonely? the world is mine aka call me tony

im calling the shots im knocking your door (knock knock)
im kicking ya ass right down to the floor
i hate to say this but you made me anxious
im patiently waiting to kill you bastards

Tell the bitch, I ain’t into no games
I left them shit in high school, do you have to be lame
Still around here, you should have tooken the chance
I’m into no love, fuck desired fantasize my name

Still play, role making hoe waiting time taking night waking
Bitch cock hard suck it or I’ll be rhyme making
The vibrating dildo in your pussy making you horny
Never dry, cleaning up making you rise to the sky

I’m into some fly, tell me how you desire
Home alone bath tub bubblin’ to your eyes (Oh baby!)
Call me your Superman, your Romeo or your enemy
I’m whatever you see, I don’t go and pretend to be

Challenge me, not rich like them pussy kids
But still I have the power to finish them wannabes
Closing me, I still get the respect, from the dirty streets
Birthing G’s stylin’ thieves ignorant, die please

Who Am I? Call me the greatest Khan
I’m on the road, wetting girlys warms
What do you want? Take whatever you want
If you have the strength, I know you don’t want
No problems

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