Invasion ft. Metaje

shots on better know my ammo in my repertoire
ping pong playing on ballin in my boulevard
game on three points burn burn
screaming fuck a yacht when i’m still on my spot

decreasing distance, investing impression and sharing confessions
as i am exchanging message (huh)
jacket leather when i’m jacking letters
i’m jack the chopper as i pack the lumber

asocial casanova, the realist motherf*cker
come in October if not blow me in November
as i collect paper (skrt, skrt)

my dearest friend in your pocket, don’t tell me to stop it
when i threw benjamin in your closet

Keegan the silly asshole as i pass on the mic
blasting your stereo when i’m popping tonight
all eyes on us what are we going to do tonight
blackjack the new generation and millenium has arrived (g├╝vey metaje)

deconstruction, demolition detonation
terminating everything this is just an introduction
pack all you artillery cause we coming for invasion
this is our march when we coming for motherf*cking celebration

impressive huh, watch your back when you’re talking
no mercy to these haters you freak when you face to face and
Keegan rising high to the sky as a big investment
How to demoralize millenium is such a stupid question

arriving arrival, alerted advisors
anti allies attack assassin assigners
glue into my punches breaking cheeks as an accident
you’ve been taking to the hospital, pay to fake taxi then

oh son, you’re playing chess with the smartest
Keegan as a flying fighter locking to the target
flaming every obstacle who get in my way
execution process started all my bombs are engaged (ow, ow)

(let me breathe, i’m your fantasy)

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