Oriental Poison (2015 Turkish Cover)

Shrap Cléarsh Verse :

Geri geldim 1 yıl geçti.
Rap yaptık dedim ama tek değildim
Hiphop sanat, zar at bana baby.
Zarar verip ona üşütün beyni.
Fame değildim, o bi gay’di, game oyna pek değil aslında rap’teyim şuan.
bey değil o bi hiç fake değil, lüks arabaya biner ona bey deyin.
rey değil atılan tek şey, kıçı kırık Mc’ler kevaşe, piçe ver iaşe.
Ben ali sen ayşe, onla sevişme bitti, battle değil bu tarz ritme eğil.
oryantel poison, g*tüne mkrofon kaçtı boşsun Sc koşsun.
ben ferrari sen dodge’sun. kurbanda koçsun. T-rap coşsun..

Keegan Verse :

Every boys dream is sex money nicotine
Looking for some better things but the system is screaming
On the TV, series pumping on our brainy
Crazy, chase me bed time, melting on ladies
Heidi, life is not farming with grand daddy
Planning to stay free but they’re powerful with Mercedes
Come and blame me chase me cause I tell the truth
Where’s your crew, wheres the motherf. troops?
Now I blast em crash em I blow em like a magnum
Pack the acid attack and advance your flat live
Wack its tragic I’m active making classics
Belt is fasten flashing get ready for clapping
It’s all about the fame, bitches looking strange
Struggling for a game and they’re looking very lame
All they get is pain, killing them insane
Looking for a gain now they into f. blaming

Shrap & Keegan Verse :

This is Denizli Mayk now welcome to the fight
In our life nothing goes fucking right
We straight to the mic and we in your sight
Turn off the lights we gon party yall tonight
Bring out the liquor now blink for a living
Take out the haters throw em to a river
Work out for bigger life its the mini-
mum use it sicker now pull out the trigger

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