Vocal EQ The Sweet Spots

01 Drop the Very Low
Roll off below 100 Hz using a High Pass Filter. Anything below this isn’t going to benefit the mix. We’ll look at rolling off even higher.

02 Tenderize Harsh Vocals
To remove harshness from a vocal, apply a narrow bandwidth cut within the 1 KHz to 4KHz range. We’ll look at how to find the right frequencies to cut.

03 Brighten the Vocals
Apply a gentle boost using a wide frequency band above 6 KHz.

04 Smooth it Out
Experiment with a narrow cut in the 1 KHz to 2 KHz range to smooth out the voice.

05 Bring out the Bass
Apply some boost in a reasonably narrow band somewhere in the 200Hz to 600Hz range. Look for adding a little power behind the vocal.

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